Talking to Your Child about Visiting the Dentist

We want to create positive first experiences for our young patients. These first dental experiences often define your child’s future attitude towards dental care. We want to encourage them to have a great start! Your child may be nervous in a new environment. What can you do to help at home relieve your child’s anxiety? What should you say and what shouldn’t you say?

What words to use

Chose your words wisely. Using the word “Needle” is a big “no-no”! Use the word “Wand” or “Sleepy Juice” instead. We also avoid using the word “hurt” or “pain”. We will explain everything to your child as we are working. We have child-friendly names for all our equipment! For example, the rubber dam is known as the “rubber raincoat” or the drill is a “whistle”. Showing your child our equipment so they are aware what is happening, helps tremendously to relieve anxiety!

Avoid negative attitudes

Avoid projecting your own fears of the dentist on to your child. We want this to be a positive experience where your child is unbiased. Using neutral and calm language can help! Usually children do better when parents are not in the treatment room. However, we understand if you would like to be with them during treatment. You know your child best!

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